Loxahatchee River #1
Loxahatchee River #1
Lone Cypress
Controlled Fog
Deers in the fog
Cabage Palm
10,000 islands
Coral Cove #1
Santa Fe Spring
Florida Bay
Morning Light
Golden Cypress
The Steam Engine

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Waist deep in swamps and trudging miles through mud, I am not your average Florida native photographer. I was born and raised in Palm Beach County. From a very young age, I seized every opportunity to draw and paint. I looked at most things in my environment with a creative eye, paying special attention to the natural things around me. I developed a passion for wildlife and Florida's native species. Over the years, I have watched the destruction and devastation developers pressed upon Florida's natural environment. As natural habitats were bulldozed and forests were cleared, I wondered how I could preserve majestic Florida. I realized I could use my talents as an artist to capture the essence of Florida's natural environments and wildlife through my photography. I venture out into remote areas preserved for Florida's unique and sometimes rare species of flora and fauna. Through my photography I capture the raw emotion of the environment. It often seems as if my camera has feelings, but I know it is the beauty in my surroundings that inspire these unique works of art.

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